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Patriotism does not mean buying SUV’s

Kali Steele
Tuesday May 21, 2002

To the Editor: 

I am concerned that the avalanche of calls for Americans to go shopping in order to give the economy a boost undermines both our families’ and our nation’s security. It is time to examine the implications of taking on more financial stress, and to clarify what purchases would really strengthen our country. 

If we are going to spend, we should look for purchases that will alleviate our energy demands, not increase our dependence on oil. An efficient refrigerator or a hybrid vehicle would be more patriotic choices than a gas-guzzling Ford “Destroyer.” 

We can also improve our nation’s energy security simply by recycling, driving less and conserving heat and electricity at home and in the workplace. Patriotism is not about running our bank accounts into the red just to perpetuate the status quo; it’s about making our country — and the world — a better place for ourselves, our neighbors and our children. 


- Kali Steele