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Bush told bigger lie than previous president

- Bruce Joffe
Wednesday May 22, 2002

To the Editor: 

How long does it take to create Congressional legislation?  

Sometimes, it takes only a few months; often, years. Yet, just three days after 9/11, President Bush pushed a $15 billion airline bailout package through Congress.  

Now we learn that Bush was warned, at least as early as August, about Al Qaida's plans to hijack airplanes. And what did the White House do to prepare America for attack?  

They got legislation ready to transfer a fortune, “big time,” from our tax dollars to their corporate sponsors. 

Now, we also learn that this warning “represents a shift in the official version of events surrounding the attacks ...,” meaning that Bush looked straight at us and lied about what he knew prior to the attack, and what the administration was doing to protect us. This is a lie far more sinister than whether a previous president “knew that woman.” 


- Bruce Joffe