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BUSD is not a good neighbor

V. Peters
Friday May 24, 2002


To the Editor: 


If the community has any problems with the BUSD (Berkeley Unified School District) you better just sit back and wait .....and wait ...and least six months to a year for any action to occur.  

At least that’s the feeling that Berkeley school neighbors have who live in the vicinity of noisy, night-blasting, ventilation systems (Arts Magnet & Washington Schools). 

Neighbors who live directly across from the temporary building and ventilation system are subjected to constant, on and off, blasting noise throughout the night that can start as early as 1:30 a.m. and continue, on and off, until morning. 

One begins to wonder if anybody is really listening, when a problem goes unresolved over a six month period despite numerous pleadings before the BUSD at their public meetings.  


V. Peters 

Berkeley (Lincoln Street Neighbors to the Arts Magnet School)