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Censorship is not the Berkeley way

Harry Siitonen
Friday May 24, 2002

To the Editor:  


I am chagrined that a large majority of the Berkeley City Council has succumbed to the censorious pressures of some blue-nosed puritans and favors banning of "adult programming" from B-TV Channel 25 until after the midnight hour. 

This punishes those good folks who are comfortable with their sexuality and enjoy "The Susan Block Show" and Frank Moore's "Unlimited Possibilities" as being some kind of prurient social pariahs who deserve to be deprived of their sleeping hours in order to watch them.  

It is not the job of the City Council to act as an authoritarian censor or morals cop. It should remain the sole responsibility of parents to monitor what their kids can watch. 

I'm 76-years-old, a white ethnic male, and a great-grandfather to boot and thus might be stereotyped by some as a "social conservative". Not this dude!  

I've belonged to the ACLU for over 40 years 

and have supported our Constitutional free speech rights as long as I can remember. And this proposed censorship is a clear free speech violation. 

And, thank you, Kriss Worthington for your 

opposition to the measure and remembering that we live in Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement, and not Iran or some Bible Belt backwater. 


Harry Siitonen