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Israel has no right to make arrest in Bethlehem

Marc Sapir
Tuesday May 28, 2002

To the Editor: 


Hanan Eisenman, a spokesperson of the UC Berkeley president's office has told the press that two U.C. students were dropped from the overseas study program after being arrested and detained by the Israeli army at a protest outside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (they are still in Israeli custody). 

Bethlehem, some readers may recall, is not in Israel and Israel has no legal jurisdiction to arrest anyone there for protesting anything.  

Though the students were disenrolled for “violating University directives”, I wonder how Mr. Eisenman justifies to himself deserting these young people “for their own protection” in a time of great peril to them? Perhaps it is easier for him if he is a Zionist, or not a parent. Regardless, it is always a wonder to me that people like Mr. Eisenman are willing to take good money to act like fools while covering for the callousness of their bosses.  

Someday, I hope, humans will, as a species, grow beyond such betrayal and self-denigration. 


Marc Sapir