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Light needed for crossing Shattuck between Ashby and Alcatraz

Barbara Judd
Wednesday May 29, 2002

To the Editor: 


In order for “safe,” quieter streets to be useful, you need to be able to cross the busy streets. Derby has a light to get across MLK and Telegraph, but not to cross Shattuck. Except for that, it is perfect for non-motorized Flatlanders to commute to Willard. It is already a “right turn only” street for non-emergency cars. Thus it would not inconvenience traffic to put a pedestrian and bike crossing only signal there, like the one at Channing and MLK. (The light a few blocks south where Adeline splits off from Shattuck is very dangerous to use. The walk light is only on when the slightly right turn lane has the green light to cross the crosswalk.) The bike-activated light at Channing is wonderful. If it is at all convenient, I plan my routes through it. 

Less inconvenient for car traffic but useful for otheres would be some sort of light to cross Shattuck between Ashby and Alcatraz. Neither big A street is safe for young riders nor pleasant for walkers, and Shattuck is remarkably hard to cross in that section. 


Barbara Judd