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Learn more about the United Nations

Bill Trampleasure
Wednesday May 29, 2002

To the Editor: 


From Daily Planet Ambassador to “helping to save the world” is turning out to be the correct move in the time left for this Berkeley born and bred septuagenarian. It means more time to be me before I “shuffle off this mortal coil.” An occasional longer nap, more writing time, more lawn mowing time, more grandpa time, more United Nations Association (East Bay) energy, and more varied U.N.-flag-waving and peace-pilgrimage-walking time.  

Occasionally I shall be out there somewhere waving my U.N. flag, handing out “War is not healthy for children and other living things” stickers and urging folks to let our government know that we are sick and tired of war, any and all wars against any and all so-called “enemies.” 

Some of us agree with Eleanor Roosevelt in her last book (1963), “Tomorrow Is Now”: “Any step, however small, that leads to international peace, to universal understanding, to strengthening the machinery of the United Nations is a good step... I am aware that if we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to the strengthening of the United Nations — and I share the opinion of Clark M. Eichelberger that the United Nations should be the foundation of policy, not a diplomatic tool — there will be outcries from people complaining, ‘That is a risk.’ Of course it is.” 

I believe all of us should read Phyllis Bennis' 1996 book, “Calling the Shots: How Washington Dominates Today's UN.” Buy it, borrow it, or steal it! But read it! (No, don't steal it!) 

Please, learn about the United Nations and about our misuse and abuse of it. Our U.N. support has been largely a sham and a shame. All wars are forms of terrorism. 


Bill Trampleasure