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Butler made People’s Park ‘safe for volleyball’

Carol Denney
Friday May 31, 2002

To the Editor: 


While I know the whole community probably most enjoyed his tireless efforts to stamp out public nudity, my favorite part of retiring chief of police Butler's era is his 1991 campaign to make People's park safe for volleyball. The bullets, the mass arrests, the dogged efforts to frame local activists may have cost Berkeley taxpayers millions of dollars, but we have priceless memories instead to share with our children. 

I personally want to thank Butler and ex-City Manager Michael Brown for the accusation of assault they made against me after tackling me and dragging me out of a City Council meeting, while I quietly waited for my opportunity to speak. Channel 5 news footage exonerated me, it's true, but I'm sure I'm not the only Berkeley taxpayer who found the trial thrilling enough that it was worth every penny. 


Carol Denney