Mom whose daughter was expelled from school poses for Playboy

The Associated Press
Friday May 31, 2002

RANCHO CORDOVA – Days after giving up her job as a stripper so her 5-year-old daughter could finish kindergarten at her Christian school, a Rancho Cordova mother pocketed an undisclosed sum to pose nude for Playboy’s Web site. 

Officials at Capital Christian School in Sacramento were shocked when they found out Wednesday that Christina Silvas, 24, once again violated the standards of the agreement she had signed. This time though, they said they would not expel her daughter, who has only a week left in the school year. 

“This is a big disappointment and a big setback from the path that we appeared to be on,” Pastor Rick Cole told The San Francisco Chronicle afternoon edition Thursday. 

The problem erupted two weeks ago when school officials discovered that Silvas was working as a nude dancer at a Sacramento strip club. 

Silvas told Cole that she was forced to take the job to pay for the school’s $400 monthly tuition. 

Silvas refused to quit when Cole reminded her of the Christian Philosophy agreement she signed. Church officials then expelled Silvas’ daughter with three weeks of school left. 

But after Silvas’ plight received national attention, the school allowed her daughter to return. Silvas received numerous job offers and took a job at a morning radio station program in Sacramento. She agreed to quit strip dancing, at least until her daughter could finish the school year. 

But this week, Silvas flew to Chicago to shoot her nude Playboy.com centerfold and sit down for an interview. 

Silvas told Playboy.com that although she had agreed to quit stripping so that her daughter could return to school, she hadn’t agreed to not pose nude for Playboy. 

“Before all of this happened, I was extremely interested in posing,” Silvas said.