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Senior housing desperately needed, falling through the cracks of the system commonplace

Nancy Anderson
Saturday June 01, 2002

To the Editor:  

There was an article 5/13/02 from Kevin Zwick regarding AHA senior housing project for the city of Berkeley. This is a letter I have sent to Senators Boxer and Feinstein and congressman Miller regarding my experiences as an apartment renter in Pleasant Hill.  

After one year my rent was increased by $200, financial support for Hookston Senior Apartments was no longer forthcoming. Yes, the property had been repaired, fixed, etc....and then the elderly became expendable. What else is new regarding the elderly? I wonder who made lots and lots of money on that deal? 

AARP came through with a temporary job for me and I was fortunate in finding a place in Berkeley that I could afford. AHA is Affable Housing so I keep it discreet but quite frankly I am skeptical and mistrusting about anything they repair and fix up for those in need. I believe we pay for their fixing and when they're through they make lots of money and we are out on our tails trying to survive. I wish to underline that those who are out of luck in this situation are good people, some blind, some wheelchair bound, some who have just had a little bad luck. 


Nancy Anderson