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Five arrested on identity theft charges

The Associated Press
Saturday June 01, 2002

CLE ELUM, Wash. – Five Yakima residents have been arrested for investigation of identity theft after a customer tried to open a bank account here using false identification. 

A clerk at Sterling Savings Bank, trying to turn on the branch’s security camera, triggered the security alarm instead, bringing police to the bank Tuesday. 

“It’s a good thing she accidentally triggered the burglary alarm because otherwise we probably would not have caught them,” Police Chief Brennen Milloy said. 

A search of a vehicle and a hotel room in Ellensburg turned up credit cards and checkbooks in a variety of names, computer equipment to make checks and three ounces of methamphetamine. 

Robert Pauley, Richard McPherson, Nicole Stoops, Janie Cable and Lisa Teders were arrested for investigation of identity theft, second-degree theft of credit cards, possession of stolen property and possession of methamphetamine. Stoops also was booked for investigation of forgery.