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News of the Weird

The Associated Press
Tuesday June 04, 2002

Pretty in plastic 

LEE, Maine – With a dozen rolls of duct tape and more than 20 hours of creative hard work, Spencer Stacey and Samantha Braziller were outfitted for the Lee Academy senior prom. 

The pair’s home-tailored formal wear for the dance was made entirely from the heavy-duty tape often found in toolboxes and utility drawers. 

Stacey, a senior, had a three-piece black tuxedo with tails and a top hat, all trimmed in shiny silver. Every detail, down to the silver bow tie and red rose boutonniere, was made of duct tape. 

Braziller, a junior, chose a long, white gown with swirling lines of silvery, sequinlike details that could pass for satin from a distance. 

They estimate the cost at $75. 

Braziller figures her duct tape dress should really come in handy if it rains at the dance. 

“Everyone will be complaining and I can wipe the water right off,” she said. 


Show and tell 

MODESTO – A man landed in jail after his grandchildren showed up at school with $1,100 in counterfeit bills their grandfather had allegedly made. 

School officials called police after a 7-year-old girl showed a handful of $100 bills to classmates, Stanislaus County sheriff’s spokesman Tom Letras said. 

The second grader and her 5-year-old brother told police they took only a few $100 bills from the pile stored in grandpa’s van. 

Police said they found Jose Luis Landeras on Tuesday stuffing moneymaking material down his pants. 

Landeras, 42, was arrested on suspicion of making counterfeit money and spending it over the past seven months. Police said they confiscated $2,000 in phony bills. 

The boy originally didn’t want to talk to police because he thought he and his sister were in trouble for stealing. Police coaxed him into telling them about the money when they asked what games he and his grandfather liked to play. 

The boy said his favorite game was Frogger. And his grandpa’s? The “moneymaking game.” 



RICHMOND, British Columbia – A Vancouver-area man had his early morning speed skating training session interrupted by a very cold naked man. 

The Richmond man said his 2 a.m. speed skating session at the Richmond Ice Centre was interrupted when he noticed a man in the buff approaching him on the ice, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

The nameless nude made an unsuccessful attempt to tackle the speed skater before fleeing the scene. 

The skater was “obviously stunned, but was able to deal with the situation,” said RCMP spokesman Constable Peter Thiessen. Police did not catch the would-be attacker.