Winona Ryder shoplifting, drug hearing interrupted by injury

By Erica Werner The Associated Press
Tuesday June 04, 2002

BEVERLY HILLS – Winona Ryder’s preliminary hearing on shoplifting and drug charges was interrupted Monday when a television camera bumped her on the way into court, and her attorney reported later that she suffered a broken right arm. 

Ryder arrived for the hearing late, in time for only brief testimony by a store security official before a lunch break. Further testimony was postponed when she returned to court complaining that she had injured her arm pushing through a crush of reporters and photographers on the way back from lunch. 

Her attorney was at her right side as she walked through the crowd, and television footage showed a sheriff’s deputy appearing to collide with a cameraman, who fell into the diminutive actress from the left. As the deputy stumbles, Ryder, who had been smiling, can be seen suddenly grimacing in pain. 

Ryder was cradling her left elbow after emerging from the group of reporters at the courthouse door, however, leading prosecutors to raise questions about which arm was really hurt, said Jane Robison, a district attorney spokeswoman. 

Her attorney, Mark Geragos, said later that she was “whacked” on her right elbow from behind. She was holding her left arm in order to elevate her right arm, which she had previously broken about a year ago while filming the upcoming comedy “Mr. Deeds,” he said. 

“She’s in a lot of pain,” Geragos added. 

When Ryder emerged from the judge’s chambers her coat was off and she had a large white bandage on her right elbow. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox said that Ryder would be seen by a physician and the hearing would be delayed. 

He asked Ryder if that was OK with her. 

“Yes, your honor,” said the actress, whose previous credits include “Little Women,” “Girl, Interrupted,” “Heathers,” “Beetlejuice” and “Reality Bites.”