Concord woman selected as winner of Afghan scholarship to study law

Wednesday June 05, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO – An Afghan woman who suffered as a result of that country’s communist regime has received a scholarship to study law at a local university. 

Nasrina Bargzie, 21, was chosen from a list of international applicants to receive the scholarship presented by the San Francisco Bar Association and Golden Gate University. 

The Advancement of Afghan Women Scholarship was created last December to allow Afghan women who have been victimized by their native country’s government to study law at Golden Gate University. 

Born in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Bargzie, along with her mother and three sisters, fled the country in 1979 after the Afghan government executed her father. She arrived in New Hampshire at the age of 5 and has lived in Concord since 1986. 

Bargzie will study international law with an emphasis in human rights starting this fall. 

“I would like to do something that would affect Afghanistan,” she said.