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A note on suicide bombing

Daniel C. Spitzer, Ph.D
Friday June 07, 2002

To the Editor: 


Asked to respond to the Daily Planet's interview with two young Israeli's who survived a suicide bombing, the SJP's Hoang Phan did what Palestinian propagandists always do when faced with that embarrassing topic.  

He changed the subject.  

Phan immediately countered with commentary about the alleged massacre in Jenin, a story which Human Rights Watch investigators have debunked as a fabrication. 

While these pages have seen innumerable letters of condemnation by Jews decrying the terrible toll Middle Eastern violence has taken on both sides, the editorial page of this and other publications has yet to see a single solitary letter by any pro-Palestinian denouncing the butchery of the suicide bombers.  

Mr. Phan and the SJP regularly allege that Israel is a “racist” state.  

I wonder what Phan and his ilk would term those who kill Israelis simply because they are Jews?  

But don't ask...Phan would only change the subject. 


Daniel C. Spitzer, Ph.D