Undercooked chicken products recalled

Saturday June 08, 2002

VERNON – A company recalled 4,000 pounds of undercooked chicken used in salads sold in California, Nevada and Arizona. 

Undercooked chicken carries the potential for illnesses that can cause serious health problems or death. 

Huxtable’s, doing business as Huxtable’s Kitchen Inc., voluntarily agreed to recall the chicken products, which were produced on or before Thursday. 

They were distributed to stores throughout Southern California, in Arizona’s Pima and Maricopa counties and in Nevada’s Clark County. 

The recalled products are: 

—9.5-ounce trays of “Fresh Foods, chicken Cobb salad, with bacon,” bearing a use-by date code of ”61002” or lower. 

—9-ounce trays of “Trader Giotto’s caesar salad with chicken,” including a container of dressing and bearing a use-by date code of ”61102” or lower. 

Each package also bears “P-11079” inside the USDA seal of inspection.