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Medical Herbs affirms its commitment to patients

Dorrit Geshuri Marijuana ActivistProject Director, Medical Herbs
Tuesday June 11, 2002

To the Editor: 

When a crime is committed, it is important to not blame the victim.  

Yet blame is exactly what seems to be happening to Medical Herbs, the medical marijuana dispensary that was robbed last Thursday and was then referred to as a “public nuisance.”  

As a marijuana activist and employee of Medical Herbs, I am dismayed that the voices of very few neighbors who cry “not in my backyard” are being put forth over the immense support we have in our community. We have collected numerous signatures from the people living around our facility saying that they “would like to see this establishment remain in our community as a resource to qualified patients.” 

This is not a game to us. We are here, knowing the risks involved, because we have a commitment to the patients that rely on us.  

Every day we serve dozens of patients with ailments varying from AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, anorexia, asthma and countless other life-threatening or debilitating illnesses.  

It says a great deal about the commitment of the employees at Medical Herbs that even after three robberies, we are only stronger in our desire to create a safe haven for qualified individuals to have affordable access to the medication they need. 

By some strange coincidence Medical Herb employees had just met on the morning before the robbery to discuss how to increase security above and beyond the procedures we worked on with the city earlier this year. The following are the improvements we decided on and will be taking place as soon as possible: 

• Installing higher quality surveillance monitors 

• Installing a “panic button” that will silently notify the police in case of problems 

• Installing a metal screen door that locks automatically and can be opened by a buzzer inside 

• Provide the security guard with communication equipment 


Our situation is tenuous enough with the Federal government attempting to overrule California’s Proposition 215 — which legitimizes dispensing marijuana to qualified patients.  

At this critical time, we ask the people of Berkeley to stand behind the brave caregivers who are risking their safety to serve the sick and dying in our community. 


Dorrit Geshuri 

Marijuana Activist 

Project Director, Medical Herbs