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Bad drivers a gold mine

Tim Plume
Friday June 14, 2002

To the Editor: 

Scorching my rear bumper and tailpipes with their head lamps as they follow me at 25 along Hearst, Milvia, Ashby, Delaware, Hopkins Monterey, Dwight and the like... sometimes honking, or passing me, or just pressing me closely, they, my road brothers, seem to be trying to suggest that I should drive the way they do. Do these represent the sophisticates that work or live or study in Berkeley? They can be found during rush hours, at noon, midday, evening, or early morning. 

They're a gold mine just waiting to be unearthed, possible pockets of wealth to be tilted into the city coffers. They're late for an important date with the judge in traffic court. 

Drivers make mistakes like clockwork, all the time, according to studies reported in an article recently in the New Yorker; and of course, mistakes lead every so often to accidents, like clockwork. Misunderstandings may lead to mistakes; misperceptions may lead to misunderstandings; distractions, sleepiness, dreaming, and unawareness may lead to misperceptions; I saw an adult leap unlooking into the oncoming traffic flow recently, evidently believing the painted crosswalk and the law might save her from tons of metal flying at her. 

A news item recently noted a million dollar loss to meter tampering around campus. Here may be a chance to recoup. 



Tim Plume