Committee denies license for Grateful Dead reunion concert

Friday June 14, 2002

MILWAUKEE — The promoters of a concert meant to bring the surviving members of the Grateful Dead together on stage have been denied a permit by a county highway committee. 

The event, planned for Aug. 3-4 in East Troy, is expected to draw 200,000 fans, Walworth County Highway Committee Chairman Odell R. Gigante said.  

He said only 35,000 people are allowed in the Alpine Valley Music Theatre, about 30 miles southwest of Milwaukee. 

“You can imagine the amount of humanity that’s going to converge on little old East Troy in Walworth County,” Gigante said of Tuesday’s decision to turn down Clear Channel Entertainment’s permit request. 

“We only have 80 some sheriff deputies. Short of bringing in the National Guard we just couldn’t handle it.” 

The two-day concert, is dubbed “Terrapin Station.