Dispute resolved over mystery anthology

Saturday June 15, 2002

NEW YORK — Author David Baldacci has settled a legal dispute with a publisher after complaining that his name was featured too prominently on the cover of an anthology of mystery stories. 

Baldacci, author of such best sellers as “Absolute Power” and “Last Man Standing,” won a rare preliminary court injunction last month to stop New Millennium Press from publishing “The Mighty Johns.” 

Baldacci’s name appeared in large foil letters above the title of the book, which also is the title of a novella contributed by Baldacci. A federal judge ruled that consumers could mistake the book for Baldacci’s next novel, writing that New Millennium “was attempting to deceive the public into buying a misrepresented book.” 

New Millennium and Baldacci have agreed that the cover will be altered and the book released. Baldacci’s name will appear below the title, in smaller letters. 

“With such a wonderful story that we dearly wanted to publish, I wanted a way to make it happen,” New Millennium co-president and publisher Michael Viner said in a statement released late last week. 

Under the agreement, New Millennium will make a donation to “a charity of Mr. Baldacci’s choosing,” the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation.