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Pro rodeo schedules more bull riding

The Associated Press
Monday June 17, 2002

LAS VEGAS — The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association approved a number of changes aimed at attracting more fans and contestants. 

Among the proposals approved were ones creating a bull riding tour and a similar one of reigning champions. In addition, directors relaxed the minimum number of rodeos contestants must enter and formed a national advisory board. 

“The PRCA board of directors, after a long and thorough examination of many issues, passed far-reaching initiatives that will position ProRodeo in a positive light for the future,” Commissioner Stephen J. Hatchell said in a release Friday. 

The addition of a bull riding tour is the PRCA’s answer to widely popular tours staged by other groups that focus exclusively on bulls. 

The PRCA’s bull riding tour will begin in 2003 with a minimum of 12 dates, using existing rodeos and culminating with a two-day championship in December. 

Money won will count toward the season-long bull riding standings but not the all-around standings. 

The top 12 contestants in each event in the final 2003 standings will compete in an exclusive tour in 2004, again using existing rodeos. 

A nationwide advisory board was established to provide guidance on “global” issues, including political, financial and marketing matters.