Stephanopoulos to lead Sunday talk show

Friday June 21, 2002

NEW YORK — ABC on Tuesday appointed George Stephanopoulos to anchor “This Week,” and the former Clinton aide urged those who question his objectivity to watch him with an open mind on Sunday mornings. 

The network also named a new chief executive for the public affairs program, which dominated Sunday mornings a decade ago but now struggles in the long shadow of NBC’s Tim Russert. 

Stephanopoulos, already a panelist on the program, will replace Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts shortly after Labor Day. 

Roberts announced earlier thiually neck-and-neck in the ratings. 

So far this season, “Meet the Press” averages 4.7 million viewers each week, or 46 percent more than “This Week’s” 3.2 million. CBS’ “Face the Nation,” with a little more than 3 million viewers, occasionally beats ABC for second place.