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The Associated Press
Thursday June 27, 2002

Today’s Highlight in History: 

On June 27, 1950, President Truman ordered the Air Force and Navy into the Korean conflict following a call from the U.N. Security Council for member nations to help South Korea repel an invasion from the North. 

On this date: 

In 1893, the New York stock market crashed. 

In 1957, more than 500 people were killed when Hurricane Audrey slammed through coastal Louisiana and Texas. 

In 1969, patrons at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village, clashed with police in an incident considered the birth of the gay rights movement. 

In 1973, former White House counsel John W. Dean told the Senate Watergate Committee about an “enemies list” kept by the Nixon White House. 

In 1980, President Carter signed legislation reviving draft registration. 

Ten years ago: Authorities found the body of kidnapped Exxon executive Sidney J. Reso buried in a makeshift grave in Bass River State Park in New Jersey. (The couple who kidnapped and killed Reso, Arthur and Irene Seale, were later convicted and sentenced to prison.) 

Five years ago: The Supreme Court threw out a key part of the Brady gun-control law, saying the federal government could not make local police decide whether people are fit to buy handguns. However, the court left intact the five-day waiting period for gun purchases. 

One year ago: The United Nations concluded a three-day summit on HIV/AIDS after adopting a blueprint which set tough targets for reducing infection rates and called for protecting the rights of infected people. Actor Jack Lemmon died in Los Angeles at age 76. 

Today’s Birthdays: “Captain Kangaroo,” Bob Keeshan, is 75. Business executive Ross Perot is 72. Gospel singer Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer) is 26. Actress Madylin Sweeten is 11.