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’Napoleon’ movie plans to be published

Thursday June 27, 2002

LOS ANGELES — Details on late director Stanley Kubrick’s unfulfilled plans to make a movie about Napoleon will be published in a book next year, his family said. 

His wife, Christiane, and her brother Jan Harlan, the director’s executive producer, are assembling the book “Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon — His Greatest Film Never Made,” The Hollywood Reporter reported Tuesday. 

“Napoleon interested Stanley very much because here was a man with a huge talent and tremendous charisma who in the end failed only because of his emotions and vanity,” Harlan said. 

Kubrick, who died in March 1999, was obsessed with the project for 30 years, collecting a library of about 18,000 books about the French leader and studying minute details of the subject’s life. 

Kubrick’s film would have chronicled Napoleon from birth to death, Harlan said, and the director assembled a script and thousands of location photographs while preparing for the film as a follow-up to his 1968 sci-fi epic ”2001: A Space Odyssey.” 

But the 1970 film “Waterloo,” which starred Rod Steiger as Napoleon in the days before the title battle, flopped at the box office and Kubrick was never able to get funding for his story.