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Monotheists are okay

Steve Geller
Saturday June 29, 2002

To the Editor: 

It's been the biggest laugh of the year, watching the political yelping about “under God.” 

Of course the court ruling was right: Such a slogan does affirm we are a nation of monotheists. 

Well, probably a large majority of us are monotheists, even Judaeo-Christians. Does that mean all of us have to pledge loyalty to the Bible? Must we tie national loyalty to any religious belief, even one as general as monotheism? Most of us do not want to be a theocracy like some of the Islamic countries, but some of us do like the idea of being a “Christian nation,” for example. 

Maybe a compromise solution is to amend the Constitution to say we are mostly monotheists, so references to “God” are legal but make it clear that other forms of belief are freely tolerated. The label “in God we trust” doesn’t harm our money. There are times when I want to sing “God bless America.” 

I suppose I can skip “under God” when I say the pledge – unless the FBI (Federal Bureau of the Inquisition) starts monitoring me for national religious compliance. 


Steve Geller