Illegal cheese found in Napa County

The Associated Press
Friday July 05, 2002

The California Department of Food and Agriculture said it has discovered a number of unlicensed cheese manufacturing operations in the state, including one in Napa County. 

The CDFA said it found 30 pounds of illegally produced soft cheese in Napa County. One person was issued a citation. 

The illegally produced cheese, sometimes called "bathtub cheese,'' poses a health threat because unlicensed producers often use raw milk, the CDFA said. 

Four people were arrested in Corona, two for offering 30 gallons of raw milk for sale, and two for selling unlicensed soft cheese, the CDFA said. 

The CDFA is testing the milk and cheese for potentially harmful bacteria. 

CDFA investigators also found six cattle for sale in Napa County lacked proper documentation. 

Unlicensed products are often sold door-to-door, at flea markets and swap meets and may contain listeria, E.coli or salmonella.