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Again, tritium a problem?

Michael Bauce
Friday July 05, 2002

To the Editor: 

Thanks for printing Steve Geller's off-the-wall, ongoing pronouncement that local enviornmentalists are hysterical and that tritium carries absolutley no risk to health. 

On this day, like all other days, most of us have accumulated dangerous levels of radiation merely by living in the modern world. Because radiation is cumulative, it makes absolutely no sense to continously debate whether the radiation levels of tritium or any other substance are safe or not; this is scientific mumbo-jumbo at best. The evidence that this type of reasoning is absurd is reflected in the continued rise of cancer, despite assurances from our government that radioactive substances are OK at low levels. Perhaps an X-ray or two was harmless when you went for a dental check-up, but multiply that times 100 and you'll understand why so many suffer from toxic conditions, regardless of how many times we visit the doc. 

So, in the end, what is not so hysterical is the death of loved ones from unknown causes. 


Michael Bauce