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SF Wine Group
buys Livermore
Valley Vineyard

Friday July 05, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO — The company best known for its boxed wine is hoping its purchase of Concannon Vineyard in Livermore Valley will continue its move into the fine-wine arena. 

The Wine Group, based in San Francisco and known for its Franzia brand wine-in-a-box, recently bought the Glen Ellen and MG Vallejo brands from wine and spirits conglomerate Diaggeo. 

The price of Concannon Vineyard wasn’t disclosed, and the purchase is expected to close by the end of July. 

The purchase, which includes the winery, 170 acres of vineyard and all the winery’s inventories, is seen as a validation of the Livermore Valley as a wine region. 

“This is a really good thing for Concannon and the valley as a whole,” said Concannon’s director of marketing Laura Kirk Lee. “It adds credibility to the area as a viticultural area.” 

Concannon is known for its petite sirah, and its wines range in price from $9 to $24 a bottle. 

The winery was founded in 1883 by James Concannon, an Irish immigrant, and it stayed in his family for 97 years. Concannon, a registered historical landmark, switched hands numerous times between 1980 and 1992, when eight investors bought it. One of the investors was Eric Wente of nearby Wente Vineyards. 

Concannon and Wente are the only large-volume producers in the Livermore Valley, although there are many small wineries. Concannon produces 60,000 cases a year. 

The Wine Group also markets Corbett Canyon, Foxhorn, Austin Vale from Australia, Costa Vera from Chile, Altamonte from Argentina, Mistrane from France and Mogen David from New York.