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A bond is a 30-year loan

Jill Posener
Saturday July 06, 2002

To the Editor: 

I’d like to correct an inaccuracy in your recent article about bond measures on the ballot in November (June 28). Your reporter wrote that the bond measure for a new animal shelter would cost the taxpayers of Berkeley $12 per year for ‘an undetermined time’. Like other bond measures this one will run it’s course in 30 years. 

Berkeley is one of only two cities in the greater Bay Area which does not yet have a new animal shelter or a plan in place to build one. 

Those of us working to bring about the construction of a clean, safe shelter which meets new humane standards of care mandated by state law, were delighted to see the breadth of support for this measure at City Council.  

Interesting that our furry friends could momentarily heal the familiar rift in our Council chambers! 


Jill Posener 

Chairperson, Gimme  

Shelter/Committee To Build a New Berkeley Animal Shelter