Gov. Davis expresses support to Israeli leader

The Associated Press
Saturday July 06, 2002

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gray Davis said he reaffirmed California’s solidarity with Israel Friday in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. 

After the phone call, Davis joined Pres. Bush in calling for a new and different Palestinian leadership. 

“We can no longer have cease-fires where one side ceases and the other side fires,” Davis said in a press release. “I would hope that the next Palestinian leader will focus on developing his own nation, instead of destroying another.” 

In April, Davis asked Democratic governors to sign a Declaration of Principles stating their full support for Israel through the crisis. New York Gov. George Pataki joined the effort by requesting the same of Republican governors. 

Davis told CNN Friday that he also offered Sharon condolences after the fatal shooting of two Israeli-born victims in the Fourth of July attack at Los Angeles International Airport. Davis said Sharon did not say whether he agrees with Israeli officials who have said they consider the shooting a terror attack.