Take high-quality family time

The Associated Press
Saturday July 06, 2002

High-quality family time takes on new form with every generation, but there are some constants that modern design can accommodate quite nicely. For example, the age-old activity of cooking with mom (or dad), although usually more of an ideal than a norm in our hectic lives, has influenced the size and splendor of many modern kitchens. Dual sinks, large islands, snack bars, passthroughs and built-in desks create enough space for helpers, snackers, storytellers and bill-payers — bringing everyone together in a common space. 

Passthrough bars are especially useful in facilitating family-together time. By joining the kitchen to other areas of the home, passthroughs allow family members to remain close while pursuing different activities. They create subtle room divisions without blocking the sound of laughter or the sight of children at play. And, of course, passthroughs are ideal for serving buffet-style meals at larger gatherings.