News of the Weird

Monday July 08, 2002

An easy target 


BREMEN, Ind. — The T-shirt said: “Fugitive, You never saw me.” The man wearing it wished police hadn’t. 

Christopher J. Antus was arrested Monday during a routine traffic stop while sporting the bright orange shirt. 

“Well, I guess you are going to have to come with me,” state police Trooper Jerrod Patty said. 

Antus asked why. 

Patty pointed to the T-shirt: “Well, your shirt says you’re a fugitive.” 

The trooper learned that the shirt Antus was wearing was no joke. 

Antus, 24, was wanted on an arrest warrant charging him with failure to appear in court, a felony in northern Indiana’s Marshall County. 

Antus was jailed without bond Tuesday. 


Dizzy, but famous 


BRISTOL, Conn. — After riding a Lake Compounce roller coaster for two weeks, Noel Aube and Michael Barillaro are record setters — and new friends. 

The two Meriden men rode the Wildcat 2,002 times, breaking Aube’s 1975 record of 2,001 continuous rides. 

Four contestants originally sought to break the record when the contest began June 17. It was down to Aube and Barillaro as of June 21.