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Resident questions public expenditures on old City Hall

Lillie Baugh
Monday July 08, 2002

To the Editor: 


I have prepared this letter to express my concern regarding unnecessary construction work scheduled for the old Civic Center Building. I feel the city should be more conscious of the shortfall that is projected over the next several years. It is unheard of that additional moneys will be used in such a wasteful manner. As you know the city of Berkeley spent millions of taxpayer’s money to retrofit City Hall and the Library. 

Recently while visiting the Housing Department on the second floor of the Civic Center Building I learned that office space (on the southside of the building) is slated to be altered to make special accommodations for one staff member to have a private office. I would like the mayor/council to investigate this situation; I feel it’s wasteful and unnecessary spending given the budget constraints that face the city and I feel that it is not in the best interest of the city as a whole.  

Government employees need to make themselves available to all parties that request services. This type of spending shows lack of regard for more important issues that are facing the city of Berkeley at this time. Money being used to remodel an office to accommodate one individual staff person is wasteful spending!  

Incidentally I learned that the staff person has stated that “if she doesn’t get a private office she will leave and seek employment elsewhere.” I do not want my taxpayer money spent towards remodeling office space on a building that costs the taxpayers millions of dollars already. (How much will this cost? What ever the amount, it is too much.) However, I do support the use of additional moneys (if any-I understand there is a shortfall) being used for our social programs that assist in more critical and pressing needs.  

If we start altering the building in this manner we might think of knocking the entire Civic Center down and building a 10-story skyscraper. Thank you for looking in to this misuse of city funds. 


Lillie Baugh