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Don’t forget about Berkeley’s pride

Kevin Strother
Tuesday July 09, 2002

To the Editor: 

Congratulations to the Daily Planet for a story on the gay parade. As one of the many people who go over from Berkeley every year it felt good to see a story.  

But why was there no mention of the Berkeley contingents? UC Berkeley students had a beautiful banner, as well as beautiful bodies. Kriss Worthington won an award for "absolutely fabulous individual contingent." The colorful artwork of the signs on his convertible was quintessentially Berkeley.  

The Unitarian Church of Berkeley, and the First Baptist Church of Berkeley also had contingents. Over a hundred Berkeley residents were in the parade and over a thousand Berkeley spectators. The best part of having the Daily Planet in town is more local flavor. It would be fabulous to see more coverage of Berkeleyans in the parade. 


Kevin Strother