Officials mop up brush fire that torched one home

Wednesday July 10, 2002

SANTA CLARITA — Firefighters patrolled for hot spots Tuesday after a wildfire burned 250 acres of brush, burned down one home, damaged two and blistered others before firefighters contained it. 

About 155 firefighters tightened firelines and extinguished spot fires in a blaze that had raged in temperatures approaching 100 degrees and 20 mph winds Monday, Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Roland Sprewell said. 

Embers from the fire torched one fire, blistered the siding on other homes and torched brittle dry shrubs in yards of homes throughout the neighborhood. 

“It just so happened that one of the embers flew over the front of the fire and just happened to land on the one roof that happened to have a wood shake roof,” said Inspector Edward Osorio. 

About 200 residents were evacuated.