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Women who run topless carwash in Idaho college city are evicted

The Associated Press
Friday July 12, 2002

MOSCOW, Idaho — A topless car wash held to raise rent money was drained when some of the bare-breasted businesswomen were kicked out of their communal home. 

City officers served trespassing notices on five of the 11 residents Wednesday, threatening arrest if they returned, Police Chief Dan Weaver said. The residents do not have a lease and not subject to formal eviction procedures, he said. 

The action came at the behest of landlords David and Sis Clift, who said the residents were not paying rent. 

“This has nothing to do with the toplessness,” David Clift said. 

But Daisy Mace, the 22-year-old woman leading the carwash, said rent has been paid and they were kicked out because of neighbors’ complaints. 

Clift said the person at the house responsible for paying him the entire rent bill reported the five tenants had not paid their share for July. He also said complaints have cropped up since news reports of the sudsy spectacle surfaced. 

Moscow, home of the University of Idaho, is a liberal anomaly in a staid state. Still, the City Council is trying to enact a law that would prevent future topless car washes. The proposed indecent exposure ordinance would replace one the courts voided three years ago because it was too vague. 

The car wash had been open for business about five times in the past month. Patrons were asked only for donations, with most paying from $15 to $20, Mace said.