Monday July 15, 2002

Today’s Highlight in History: On July 15, 1971, President Nixon announced he would visit the People’s Republic of China. 


On this date: In 1606, Dutch painter Rembrandt was born in Leiden, Netherlands. 

In 1870, Georgia became the last Confederate state readmitted to the Union. 

In 1916, Boeing Co., originally known as Pacific Aero Products, was founded in Seattle. 

In 1948, President Harry S. Truman was nominated for another term of office at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia. 

In 1964, Sen. Barry M. Goldwater of Arizona was nominated for president at the Republican national convention in San Francisco. 

In 1965, U.S. scientists displayed close-up photographs of Mars taken by Mariner 4. 

In 1979, President Carter delivered his “malaise” speech in which he lamented what he called a “crisis of confidence” in America. 

In 1985, a gaunt-looking Rock Hudson appeared at a news conference with actress Doris Day. It was later revealed Hudson was suffering from AIDS. 


Ten years ago: Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination at the party’s convention in New York. 


Five years ago: Fashion designer Gianni Versace was shot dead in Miami; suspected gunman Andrew Phillip Cunanan was found dead eight days later.