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Sacramento Street plans in contention

Cody Sisco
Monday July 15, 2002

To the Editor: 


At a time when the housing affordability crisis is affecting people of all income levels, we cannot afford to engage in costly lawsuits and "resistance" politics. The proposed development at 2517 Sacramento St. (Thursday, July 11, 2002 article "Neighbors sue to stop development") not only complies with the housing element of the Berkeley General Plan, but it also would allow seniors to remain in our community. They deserve the opportunity to live in affordable housing. 

The disregard for seniors' needs expressed by a few vocal neighbors is disgraceful and selfish. Their concerns over parking spaces and shadows are not as important as the needs of our community. 

There is a public process in place for reviewing new developments that is very open to influence by concerned citizens. This is a valuable process that protects our neighborhoods against the excesses of unrestrained development. The process should not be abused by self important "no growthers" who are resisting this reasonable and needed project. 


Cody Sisco