Orange Cove man stabbed to death after fight on Kings River

By The Associated Press
Tuesday July 16, 2002

REEDLEY — An Orange Cove man was stabbed to death after a fight escalated between two groups of men who were floating down the Kings River in inner tubes. 

Carlos Robledo, 32, a father of four, died at an area hospital an hour after the incident Sunday evening, police said. Police did not know what kind of weapon was used, but said it may have been a knife. A man hit with a crowbar also suffered minor injuries. 

Two men were arrested and police were searching for two others, Reedley Lt. Steve Wright said. Police would not release their names. 

Robledo, who was employed at an area packinghouse, was stabbed when he tried to stop the fight. 

A witness told police the men were arguing about gangs.