Coliform bacteria detected in San Diego’s water provider

The Associated Press
Thursday July 18, 2002

SAN DIEGO — Tests detected the presence of coliform bacteria in the water supply of San Diego County’s main water provider, officials said Wednesday. 

Tests from three treated water pipelines detected coliform, an indicator of the possible presence of fecal or harmful E. coli bacteria. 

The tests did not find any E. coli in the water, leading authorities to suspect the results were error. Results from a second round of tests were expected by Thursday. 

A check of local hospitals and schools didn’t turn up an increase in gastrointestinal complaints that would be an indicator of E. coli contamination, said spokeswoman Donna Nenow. 

“The fact that there’s clean water on both ends and we’re showing a reflection of coliform bacteria in the middle doesn’t make a lot of sense,” Nenow said.