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Why pay for this programming?

Jim Hultman Berkeley
Thursday September 05, 2002

To the Editor: 

I just read your article on BTV's programming (Sept. 3) and I would like to point out a few things. 

Berkeley's proposed ordinance, if passed, would not be the most restrictive in the state. Many other cities in the stare flat out do not and will not allow programming like “Frank Moore's Unlimited Possibilities” and “The Dr. Susan Block Show.” Call the manager of the city of Pinole's community access channel. He can tell you how and why they don't allow this kind of programming. They have yet to be challenged in court. 

Why don’t you bring up the fact that most residents of Berkeley don’t know that we the tax payers are footing the bill for his crap? Should we pay for this crap? 

Dr. Susan Block and Frank Moore point out that their shows are the number one programs watched by Berkeley High Students and that they are doing the community a service. I believe it is still against the law to distribute material like this to minors. Where are the police in this? Who would they arrest, the city attorney for allowing this to go on? 

Have you watched the “worst” of these programs? Dr. Susan Block had one with women playing with themselves while urinating. (You see everything.) This show and others by Frank Moore clearly meet the FCC's definition of “obscene” material. Will the residents of Berkeley have to also pay any fines imposed? 

Call other cities and see how they keep control of their community access channels. 


Jim Hultman