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Two injured in high school brawl

Matthew ArtzDaily Planet Staff
Friday September 06, 2002

Two Berkeley High School students were injured during a brawl involving roughly 50 students Wednesday afternoon at Civic Center Park. 

“We’re investigating the incident right now,” said Co-Principal Mary Ann Valles, who refused to give details about the fight. 

Police took witnesses into the school for questioning but had not released any information at press time.According to witnesses, at approximately 3:40 p.m. a band of students left Berkeley High School and entered the park. One member of the group immediately began assaulting a male student at the northwest corner of the park, while the others cheered him on. The victim did not try to fight back, a witness who did not want to be identified said. 

A female student tried to break up the fight, but was also attacked. 

“Someone sweared at her and then a group of girls jumped her,” said Berkeley High School student Jared Amgott-Kwan. Several males also assaulted the girl, Amgott-Kwan added. 

The attack lasted five minutes, he said, and ended before police arrived on the scene. 

Both victims were visibly wounded from the fight, Amgott-Kwan said. “The guy had several welts and the girl had hair missing.” A witness said the girl was on the ground, crying and shaking and complained of an injured jaw. Student fights at Civic Center Park are fairly common, the witness said. 

Wednesday’s brawl was the first significant incident of this school year, said Lt. Cynthia Harris of the Berkeley Police Department. “Relatively, it’s been a quiet start of the school year.” 


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