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Teachers get more recognition

Wendy Stephens, Berkeley
Friday September 06, 2002

To the Editor: 

Longfellow School parent volunteer Sue Dickey sings the praises of the school staff as triumphing over adverse conditions to bring a great education to her son. 

We need more of that kind of positive recognition of the daily heroic efforts of administrators, teachers, volunteer parents, staff aids, para-educators, garden coordinators, master gardeners, before and after school child care providers, food service personnel and others who mentor our children on a daily basis, school year after school year. 

Gardens on Wheels Association, a nonprofit, is a new local and regional organization devoted to preventing burnout among these helping constituencies by presenting comprehensive, inspirational awards ceremonies complete with music, speeches, testimonials and vide services. Once the legion of champions are recognized, many will forge on and new recruits will come on board. 

Thank you, Sue Dickey, for pointing up the need for more recognition. Trophies, plaques, certificates, service pins, gardening smocks, volunteer uniforms... all of these are available through Gardens on Wheels Association. 


Wendy Stephens,