Guide helps disabled navigate SF

Friday September 06, 2002

A Berkeley-based nonprofit group announced the availability this week of a second edition of its free guide that provides information to disabled people trying to navigate sites around San Francisco. 

Access Northern California's 32-page guide includes information about accessing more than 150 hotels, public transportation locations, shopping centers, museums and restaurants. Staff members visited each place included in the guide to inspect such features as bathrooms, roll-in showers, parking lots and accessible entries. 

Director Bonnie Lewkowicz said, “Access information is often inaccurate, unreliable and hard to come by, making it difficult for people with disabilities to travel.” 

Comments are meant to be detailed and frank so people living with disabilities can know exactly what they should expect when visiting a particular location, the group said. 

One such comment reads, “Path of travel from the street to the entrance is rough paving.” 

The guide can be viewed at the group's Web site, www.accessnca.com, or a free copy can be obtained by calling the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau at (415) 391-2000. 

Large print versions and audiocassettes are available.