DEA raids medical marijuana farm

The Associated Press
Friday September 06, 2002

SANTA CRUZ — Federal agents raided a marijuana farm Thursday and arrested the owners, who grow the pot for a medical users club, surprising community members and local law enforcement. 

Officers seized more than 100 marijuana plants, three rifles and a shotgun in the pre-dawn raid, said Drug Enforcement Agent spokesman Richard Meyer in San Francisco. 

Valerie and Michael Corral were arrested on federal charges of intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy, he said. 

“These are incredibly compassionate people who’ve worked closely with law enforcement to help the sick and dying in our community,” said Ben Rice, an attorney for the Corrals. “This is absolutely outrageous.” 

Suzanne Pfeil, a patient at the club who was arrested during the raid and later released, said federal agents stormed her room around 8 a.m. in full assault gear, including helmets and semi-automatic weapons. They arrested everyone and uprooted the marijuana plants, she said.