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Today is Ted Rosenkrantz Day

Mark A. Coplan, president, In Dulci Jubilo
Tuesday September 10, 2002

To the Editor: 

Though many in our community knew of Ted Rosenkrantz and of the In Dulci Jubilo foundation, many more didn't have a clue until Mayor Shirley Dean last year proclaimed Sept. 10 “Ted Rosenkrantz Day” in Berkeley. On that day, the Daily Planet featured a great article honoring Ted for a lifetime of accomplishments.  

Many had no idea that with no children of his own, Ted created In Dulci Jubilo Inc. (IDJ) to fulfill a lifelong dream of helping to inspire our kids. And of those who were aware of how much IDJ has done for Berkeley public schools and teachers over the past 23 years, many did not know of its founder, Ted Rosenkrantz.  

Ted, a retired merchant marine, was diagnosed with melanoma cancer 23 years ago and did not expect to live long. Remembering all of the joy that he had received growing up in Berkeley schools, Ted wanted to give something back before he died. With that in mind, despite his many health problems, he worked hard as the executive director of IDJ until the year 2000. Ted Rosenkrantz accomplished more than most could ever dream of. He spent over $500,000 of his own money to enrich the lives of our kids.  

A humble man, Ted Rosenkrantz was deeply touched when Mayor Dean came to his bedside in last September to present him with the Ted Rosenkrantz Day proclamation. Ted had always insisted on remaining out of the limelight, refusing to take any credit for all that he had done for Berkeley kids. He was equally moved when the school board declared Sept. 19, Ted Rosenkrantz Day in the Berkeley Unified School District.  

A few days before he died, on Nov. 9, Ted told me that only wished that he had been able to do more to inspire and excite kids. I laughed and reminded him of all that he had accomplished. And I assured him that his legacy would continue to make dreams come true, inspiring teachers and students for the next 23 years.  

At a time when we pause to remember how the events of September 2001 changed our lives forever, let Ted Rosenkrantz Day remind us of the hope that exists in our world, our community, and our neighborhoods because of people like Ted.  


Mark A. Coplan, 

president, In Dulci Jubilo