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Smog beats the streets

Doug Fielding Berkeley
Thursday September 12, 2002

It saddens and angers me that the air quality issue is impacting the expansion of the Harrison House Homeless Shelter. The shelter is located on the outskirts of Berkeley in an industrial neighborhood because most of the citizens of Berkeley don't want “those kind of people” in their neighborhood. Now these same Berkeley people are telling us they are so concerned about the impact of the air quality on the well-being of the people they sent to this neighborhood that their facilities shouldn't be expanded. Boona cheema, the person who has devoted much of her life to working with homeless people said it best. “What do you think the answer is going to be when you ask a homeless mother with two kids if she would rather live on the streets or in safe, warm housing in West Berkeley?”  

The Berkeley City Council and the community should support the provision of as much additional housing for the homeless at Harrison House as is practical and desired by the people who are devoting their lives to improving the overall welfare of those people who need this type of support. 


Doug Fielding