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Berkeley’s Sept. 11 won’t be forgotten

Christopher Cantor Berkeley
Saturday September 14, 2002

To the Editor: 

So in Thursday's Daily Planet, I was reading about how upset College Republican Bret Manley was, and about the criticism he had for the student speeches made at the Sept. 11 memorial on campus. Mr. Manley's quote was: “I thought those were absolutely inappropriate. I almost look at it as a funeral service. You don't go to a funeral service and talk about war.” 

But then I remembered the speeches that President George W. Bush gave at the memorial services that he had attended that day. I distinctly remembered Mr. Bush going to great pains to “renew our commitment to win the war,” and swearing that “what our enemies have begun, we will finish.” 

It sure is hard to imagine Mr. Manley losing sleep over the inappropriate behavior of his fellow republican President Bush. But I guess anything is possible in Berkeley. 



Christopher Cantor