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Pacifica’s radio return

Kriss Worthington
Monday September 16, 2002

To the Editor:  


We miss Pacifica radio. We need you. We want you. We yearn to have you back. Pacifica and KPFA reflect so much of our heart and soul and mind. Like a spurned parent, like a separated lover, like an abandoned child, the city of Berkeley begs you to come home. The departure of Pacifica from Berkeley was the single biggest loss that the city has experienced in my years in office.  

This tragic departure revealed new lows in listener disempowerment, union undercutting, worker and volunteer lockout and counterproductive conflict .  

Our 91-year-old vice-mayor was so upset she was willing to be arrested. KPFA and Pacifica symbolize so much of the progressive peaceful vision manifesting Berkeley’s concern for human rights and justice, here and everywhere. 

On City Council I fight fiercely for greater representation of people of all races, especially Asians, Latinos and African Americans who are under-represented in hirings and appointments. I fight strongly too for representation of people of all ages especially students and youth, who are severely under-represented as well. We fight for the environment, for unions, for affordable housing, to shift money from policing to youth services, for increased funding for health and education, disabled accessibility, senior’s needs and for all our progressive values. The information available through KPFA and Pacifica has been central to virtually all of the social movements and political struggles of our lifetime.  

Thousands of people are awaiting the return of Pacifica with outstretched arms, open minds and wallets, yearning to see you thrive in our warm embrace, dreaming of Pacifica’s return to its home and eager to ride in the parade to welcome you back. Just think how good that parade could be for the next fund drive.  


Kriss Worthington  

Berkeley City Council member