State Legislation

Wednesday September 18, 2002

Davis signs bills to protect  

energy market, promote solar energy 

SACRAMENTO — Power companies will be required to start building generating plants within 12 months after receiving a construction permit under a new law signed by Gov. Gray Davis Tuesday. 

Davis also signed two other bills that his energy advisers called attempts to shape the energy market and boost the state’s solar energy resources. 

Written by Sen. Steve Peace, D-El Cajon, the power plant law will give companies 12 months to begin construction of new plants after the state approves the projects. 

Calling it the “use it or lose it bill,” Peace said the new law was created to stop energy companies from trying to sell or trade their permits after receiving them to turn a profit. 

“Oftentimes these permits become commodities themselves and are traded, and consumers have to bear the brunt of that,” said Richard Katz, Davis’ adviser on energy issues. 



New law says rewards can be collected even if suspect dies 

SACRAMENTO — Rewards can be given even in cases where the suspect dies, under a bill signed Tuesday in response to a Sacramento spree killing last year. 

State law had authorized the governor to offer rewards for the arrest and conviction of criminals. That created a legal problem a year ago when security guard Joseph Ferguson killed himself during a shootout with police after a shooting rampage through Sacramento. 

The bill Gov. Gray Davis signed Tuesday clarifies that the reward can be offered regardless of whether the suspect is alive. 

“This bill will ensure that all tipsters are rightfully rewarded for their efforts to help law enforcement officials,” Davis said. 

In Ferguson’s case, Davis issued the reward anyway, and said at the time he would seek clarifying legislation.